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Tree Planting

 New Woodland & Continued Growth


Since 2009, the estate land has been planted with 375 acres (150 hectares) of new woodland. When mature, this will produce approximately 1,000 tons of wood per year. Much of the land is situated at the terminal glaciation zone from the last Ice Age and comprises mixed clay/peat/sandy soils of poor quality (agricultural grade 3) that had been largely used for cattle grazing.


Tree Planting Focus

The focus has been on silviculture in a changing climate. Examples of different parcels of woods are as follows:


Mixed broadleaves with 40% sessile and pedunculate oak in a 70:30 mix. The remaining 60% are other natives such as birch, hazel, hornbeam, lime and wild service trees while foreign trees include roble, plane, walnut, tulip trees and nitrogen-fixing black and red alders.


Conifers - These comprise of 16 species with an emphasis on Douglas fir, Norway spruce, Western red cedar together with maritime and Bhutan pine, Coast redwoods, Sitka and Nootka cypress plus eight other species to add robustness.


Exotics and ornamentals are in six corner areas for visual and olfactory impact with species such as Japanese maple, magnolias, handkerchief, maidenhair and katsura.


Particularly successful species include eucalyptus, Tulip trees, walnuts, mulberries, Douglas fir, and Coast redwoods.


Tree density is 1200 per acre based upon random 1.5 - 1.8 metre spacing to produce a natural look with 2.4 metre gaps between rows for mowing and weed control. Plants were inserted mechanically with the least ground disturbance to minimise CO2 emissions. 6 metre rides were formed for biodiversity and amenity impact on 20% of the sites.


The Tree Planting Plan

The plan is to grow timber trees at high density with oak as the final crop for timber but wood for fire logs, (oak, beech and eucalypts), woodturning (mulberry, lime, Tulip trees) and furniture making (cherry and walnut) are also important. Pest and disease robustness is based upon the broad mixture of trees and provenance from many sources that includes several European countries.


Based on our re-afforestation we received a Royal Forestry Society, Woodlands for Climate Change Award in 2014.


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