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We pride ourselves on producing the very best-quality timber for posterity. Our timber is sawn to size and cut on-site. The best quality pieces are cut on our Mebor 1200 saw, meticulously stored and air dried and then finished in a wood kiln to produce constant top quality, ready-to-use timber.



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We offer a wide range of  air and kiln dried hardwoods and softwoods, including home grown, tropical and temperate species. Beams, boards, cladding, large dimension boards, can all be sawn to size. We also stock American hardwoods, flooring and premium quality seasoned firewood logs.  Delivery can also be organised and costed within the UK and Europe. 



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We stock the following timber:


Hardwood: Ash, beech and spalted beech, dark red meranti, oak, sweet chestnut, sycamore, 

American Hardwoods: Ash, hard maple, red oak, white oak, tulipwood, black walnut

Tropical Hardwood: Afzelia, padouk, iroko, sapele, utile, wenge

Softwood: Cedar of Lebanon, Douglas fir, larch, redwood (coast and giant), sequoia, western red cedar, wellingtonia, yew

Shelmore Timber sawmill

In Addition,

Our fascination with trees had led us to acquire some extraordinary tropical hardwood trunks.  Up to 20 tons in weight and 30 feet long, they are cut and dried to produce exotic timber pieces for exotic uses: afzelia, padouk, wenge and utile, to name but a few.

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Our firewood logs are of the highest quality; they are 100% hardwood and sourced from our estate woodlands. We store them for 2 years, so they are seasoned and contain 20% or less moisture content when sold, they really do give a lovely warmth to any cold room.



We are very passionate about our trees our timber and the end-use of everything we sell. We want you to be confident in the knowledge that the wood we supply, and you purchase, will be of the highest standard and that it will serve its purpose in the most sustainable way possible.


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