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Shooting the edges of boards is essential for accurate preparation of joints. Most planes are uncomfortable to hold on their sides. The shooting Star handle solves this problem. It is very comfortable to use left - or right-handed and, uniquely, it has a button that fits comfortably between the thumb and forefinger as something to push against.


The Shooting Star is precision made in the UK from top quality materials: solid brass with an anodized aluminium knob and stainless-steel fasteners. Weighing more than half a kilogramme, it adds heft to the plane – this is especially useful when shooting end grain. It fits most good quality medium to large hand planes.


It can also be used without the button if preferred. The different elliptical-shaped ends of the handle allow alternative grips with the long nose pointing forward or back.


 shooting star

The box contains:

1 x Shooting Star handle with button

2 x Hex keys, spare grub screw

Plastic free packaging


For more information about the ‘Shooting Star’ please call us on 01785 284718 or email sales@shelmoretimber.co.uk