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Our UK species timber is sourced from forests and woodlands within the UK as well as our own managed mature woodlands on the 1,500-acre Norbury Park and Ranton Estates, where we have over half a million trees (oak, beech, sycamore, larch, sweet chestnut, etc.)


The current owners of the Estate purchased the land in 2009. They are passionate about the environment and their wood and work tirelessly to ensuring the resilience and sustainability of their woodlands are a priority.


Norbury Park Estate History

Since 2009 over 100 different tree species having been planted (to help reduce the risk of tree infections, during a time of global warming), enabling the woodlands to produce around 1500 tons of new wood per year.


The Estate has implemented an active re-afforestation programme, by planting 70 acres of new trees per year on poorer parts of the arable land. To date, a total of 375 acres of new woodland has been planted with more than half a million trees.


Norbury Park Estates aims to plant more trees and allow spontaneous regeneration of existing species to ensure their woodland cover increases, and never decreases in the decades to come.


In 2014 Norbury Park Estate were delighted to have been granted a Royal Forestry Society award for 'Planting Woodlands for Climate Change' and in 2018 we were honoured with a visit from HRH the Prince of Wales.


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