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Forest Management

Sustainability & Growth, for the Future


Our forest management comprises of two aspects: maintaining the sustainability of our mature woodlands, while growing our younger woods to maturity.


The majority of the estate’s mature woodlands consist of stands of mature oak trees with an understory of unmanaged hazel coppice. While many of the oaks are a good size for their 160 years, others are of poor form and dominated by their neighbours. These poorer specimens are being gradually removed using a ‘halo thinning’ approach. The concept is to select and retain the best and largest trees while removing the smaller trees surrounding them. This leaves a 1-2 metre canopy gap around these ‘winning’ trees, allowing ample room for more growth. This will be repeated on a 4-5-year rotation, allowing the chosen few trees to continue to increase their girth and produce high-quality sawlogs. The smaller felled trees will be used for timber, fire logs and wood chip.


Younger Plantations

A similar approach is taken with our younger plantations. Again, the emphasis is on the selection of the final crop based upon good early growth and form, with species selection depending upon the quality of individual trees. Ultimately, the focus is on producing a final oak crop at 100 - 150 years of age.


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