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Our flooring is produced from English oak and ash and is sourced from the Norbury Park Estates. The wood has been quarter-sawn for its beauty and stability.


All our engineered flooring is 20mm thick and made up of a high-quality multi-layered birch plywood backing with a 6mm thick solid timber wear layer bonded onto it. This makes our flooring extremely stable and versatile, especially good for those rooms with underfloor heating systems.


The 6mm wear layer produces a floor with extremely long service life. The layer can be sanded and re-finished several times due to the thickness of this durable solid timber facing.




We can produce boards up to 290mm in width and up to 4.8m in length, thus offering more options for your feature flooring.


All flooring comes shrink-wrapped to prevent moisture ingress with the quantity carefully selected to match your required area.




Our flooring can be supplied unfinished or with a variety of finishes which include Jacobean, chestnut, pewter and golden.




We also produce herringbone pattern quarter-sawn oak Versailles panels, set out in 1m2 squares, allowing you to create a stunning centrepiece for your floor. You could really set your flooring project apart by having these panels throughout the whole room.


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